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    and hugs, Dusty


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    Hi Pinsy,
    I tried to follow the link for the Lampshade Contest, but it didn't work from here.

    Alyssa (she's 6) voted for #5, and I love #7 - perfect for Junkanoo!!! BUT, they are all beautiful, kinda puts me to shame, eh?


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    Hello Pincy. . .from one Redhatter to another.

    I came across your site as I was visiting Tina's Banners and Tags this morning. I'm a newby at; and I'm trying to find my way around the various forums---especially the Signature Forums.

    So far, I truly like the Yuku layout and all the different things you can do on the boards. I think the Personal Profile page is a real asset; and should help to make the numerous groups/forums even more friendly and inviting. It's always great to be able to put the face with the written word, eh?

    Although I'm originally from the beautiful Commonwealth of Virginia, I now reside in Ottawa, Ontario. Except for the tremendous amount of snowfall and frigid temperatures, Ottawa is almost a carbon copy of Richmond, Virginia. My beautiful and adoring late husband, John-Charles, was a Canadian. Upon his retirement from his engineering career of 43 years, we built our home (1994) here in Nepean (a suburb of Ottawa). Even though neither of us have family here in Canada, I decided to remain here---after his death---as this is where our beautiful life began.

    I'm also a member of The Ladies' Red Hat Society---but through their web site. Although there are more than 30 clubs here in Ottawa, all the memberships in each are filled at the moment. Two years ago, I attended the first annual meeting of the RHS held here in Canada. It took place in Niagara Falls. What a beautiful sight to have a meeting; and I was not disappointed with all the various activities which took place over a three-day weekend.

    Due to the sad state of the economy in today's world, I am saddened by the fact that RHS has had to cut back in so many areas of their organization. Still, it is a wonderful group of lovely ladies; and we can still have fun regardless of the financial picture. I'm so happy to be a part of such a fantastic group of ladies; and perhaps one day, our paths may cross. That would be exciting.

    May your week be filled with lots of sunshine, happiness, and good health.

    Luv ya!
    Sweet Caroline


    Reply from rpcasteen:
    Hello Sweet Caroline, Now I know why everyone calls you SWEET Shirley!! What a very touching email you sent me and I want to say that was very SWEET!! I have been red hatting for 3 years now and love it... "You Light Up My Red Hat Life" was the theme of our Queens Court gathering this past Saturday adn I was the hostess..... I chose this theme because that is just what the red hat society has done for me....
    If I can ever help you and your chapter with anything please don't hesitate to ask... I have lots of games and stuff that you're welcome too....
    Also I have posted all of the Queen's Court gathering on my QMB2 website under my photos and then to my gallery they are listed under Queens Court Jan. In my blog there you will find the way to vote for the "Best in Show Hat" and cast a vote for your favorite lampshade hat go to if you have any problems please let me know and you can pass this along to all of your friends and family to go and vote....
    Red Hat Hugs, Pinsy


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